Trademarks are invaluable assets that distinguish your brand in the marketplace. The DLS team partners with you to obtain, leverage, and protect your trademarks at every stage. Our comprehensive services help you secure registrations, monitor your portfolio, enforce your rights, and make strategic decisions. With extensive experience across all trademark-related legal matters, DLS provides vigilant guidance so you can focus on business growth. Whether you’re starting your first registration or managing a global trademark portfolio, we tailor practical solutions to strengthen your brand identity. At DLS, our attorneys and experts become an integrated part of your team to maximize the value of your trademarks.

Trademark Registration And Maintenance

A strong brand gives your business value. But without trademark registration, others could potentially use your name, slogans or logos, eroding the goodwill you’ve built.

The attorneys at DLS have over 30 years of experience successfully filing and maintaining trademark registrations. We simplify the complex application process, providing tailored guidance and clear expertise. Whether you’re an entrepreneur safeguarding your start-up’s brand identity or a large company managing an extensive trademark portfolio, rely on DLS. We secure your marks with the USPTO and can set up monitoring services to defend your brand.

Trademark Portfolio Analysis

Our attorneys and experts use a systematic process to meticulously evaluate your entire trademark portfolio. We identify vulnerabilities, compliance gaps, and opportunities to strengthen your assets.

DLS helps determine where consolidation or expansion may be beneficial. We provide actionable strategies to leverage your trademarks and safeguard your brand identity. Partnering with DLS allows you to make smart decisions through proactive management of your trademarks. Let our strategic insights guide you in protecting and growing your most valuable intellectual property.  

Trademark Monitoring

Protect your brand’s value with DLS’s comprehensive trademark monitoring. After securing your trademarks, constant vigilance is key to avoiding infringement. Our experts proactively monitor third-party use across all your markets, watching for any potential violations. We take immediate action to halt unauthorized use of your marks through cease and desist letters or oppositions.

DLS provides user-friendly access to your entire portfolio within our system for streamlined management. By partnering with us for diligent trademark monitoring, you can focus on your business knowing your intellectual property is safeguarded. 

Enforcement And Defense

Protect your trademarks with DLS’s expertise in trademark enforcement and defense. We build tailored strategies to proactively enforce your rights through cease and desist actions, litigation management, and trademark opposition. Early intervention stops infringement and preserves your trademarks’ value.

We also defend clients accused of infringement with rigorous analysis of claims and evidence-based defenses. False allegations can deeply hurt your business. With in-depth trademark law knowledge, DLS defends your interests against unwarranted attacks.

Our practical approach enables thoughtful pursuit of your rights. We stay current on legal strategies and precedents to fully enforce and defend your trademark portfolio.


My experience working with Delta Legal Services℠ has been great. They are professional and responsive. They deliver high quality results. They transformed the Invention Disclosure document that I wrote into a patent document that is very professional and high quality. When we reviewed the patent document together, I found they really understood the essense of the invention. They also took our feedback in full in refining the patent document. The entire process – working with Delta Legal Services℠ – was very smooth.

– B.C.

Jubin Dana is a true professional. His knowledge of technology as well as the patent process is exceptional. He is able to translate technical innovations into patents that get approved. Best of all he is responsive and has a commitment to meeting the needs of the innovator. Delta Legal Services℠ provides services that are comparable to the most expensive big firms at a much better rate.

– C.S.

Unexpectedly finding ourselves in need of a patent attorney could have been very overwhelming, as we had little to no experience in this area. It was immediately evident that Jubin was very knowledgeable, and the complexity of our situation really allowed his expertise to shine. He was extremely thorough and detailed in explaining convoluted things to us in clear, laymen terms, so we could collectively formulate a winning strategy for our case.

– J.R.

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