Trademark Monitoring Services for Effective Brand Protection

Jun 6, 2023

Now that you have your registered trademark, you need to ensure others are not using it. That’s where a trademark monitoring service comes in. You took the steps to protect your brand by registering your trademark. You put the effort into thinking about your brand, your message, and from that curated the perfect logo and business name. Once that was in place you knew you wanted protection, so you started your registration process with the USPTO, ending with your mark being approved.  You’re not alone if you think that is the end of your brand protection journey. The reality is protecting your brand doesn’t stop there. There are multiple options for tracking unauthorized use of your trademark.

What is Trademark Monitoring?

What exactly is a trademark monitoring service (or what some call a trademark tracking service)? Trademark monitoring is the act of scouring the internet for infringers and potentially confusing marks to your brand. The sources to be monitored include websites, social media platforms, registration databases, etc. In this digital age, the idea of having an individual on your own team to do trademark monitoring would be impractical with the scope of places one would have to look. On top of that, there’s a need to look internationally if your brand is located overseas as well. This is why law firms and trademark watch services are a good choice, making it easier to address infringers when they arise.

What is the Trademark Monitoring Process?

Once you have your registered mark you can begin your trademark monitoring process. This is a simple step where you find trademark monitoring software or a law firm that can do the monitoring for you. Typically, the service is paid for monthly or yearly and the customer receives reports to make assessments on whether they should take action on what the trademark monitoring service has found. When using a third party software to monitor your mark, you don’t always have the support necessary to address the infringing party. When a law firm handles the monitoring, there is support to analyze the reports and make decisions on addressing potentially infringing parties. If someone is infringing on your mark you can move forward to address the problem seamlessly as you have already put the work into finding the right attorney who understands your business interests.

How do Trademark Monitoring Services Contribute to Maintaining a Strong Brand Reputation?

Developing a brand is a difficult task. You must analyze your target audience, think deeply about their actions, personalities, and buying patterns, then curate a brand that speaks directly to them. That’s why ensuring that your brand stays protected is so important. Your trademarks, whether that’s your business name or a graphic mark, like a logo, are an integral part of your brand identity. This is why trademark monitoring to maintain consistency with your brand identity is crucial. By actively monitoring your marks you can effectively defend your brand against infringers by getting ahead of potential problems and confusions. A trademark watch service helps you maintain your brand identity and ensure customer trust.

What are Potential Outcomes of Trademark Monitoring?

In an ideal scenario your trademark monitoring is just that, monitoring with nothing to address. However, there are a few different outcomes that you could encounter should your trademark watch service find a potentially confusing mark or someone infringing on your mark. In this case you can expect to send out a cease-and-desist letter and/ or file an opposition to a pending application.

How a Patent Attorney at Dana Legal Services Can Help You

Your intellectual property is just that—yours. It can be confusing to understand all the different angles one can take to protect that IP and ensure your marks stay protected. Investing in a trademark monitoring service is one way to ensure your brand stays protected. You don’t have to navigate the complex world of intellectual property on your own. When you have a dream in the form of a new idea, you need to protect it with the backing of a skilled intellectual property attorney. That’s where we come in. If you have any questions or wish for professional assistance in monitoring your trademark, we would be happy to discuss how we can help you. Our team at Dana Legal Services consists attorneys with decades of experience in the field. Do reach out to us at, or alternatively, drop your question on our website at

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