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At DLS, our attorneys secure strong patent protection so you can bring your invention to market with confidence.

We assist with provisional, utility, and design patent filing to protect your intellectual property at every stage. Once granted, we provide ongoing portfolio management and maintenance fee tracking to maximize alignment with your business goals.

With decades of combined experience, our lawyers handle patentability assessments, licensing agreements, dispute settlements, and enforcement actions. We leverage international filing options to expand your protection globally.

Trust our experts to lock down your intellectual property rights. We handle the patent process from start to finish so you can focus on advancing your groundbreaking ideas. Discover how DLS can optimize your IP strategy.


At DLS, we partner with you to obtain, leverage, and protect your invaluable trademark assets.

With extensive legal experience, our attorneys provide comprehensive services to secure registrations, monitor your portfolio, and enforce your rights. We tailor practical solutions whether you’re filing your first trademark or managing a global portfolio. By becoming an integrated part of your team, DLS provides vigilant guidance to strengthen your brand identity and maximize the value of your trademarks.

Trust our experts to safeguard your reputation and amplify your marketing efforts. Discover how our tailored trademark protection can empower your business growth.

Additional intellectual Property Protection

At DLS, we provide full-service intellectual property protection that extends beyond patents and trademarks.

Our attorneys assist with trade secret measures like non-disclosure agreements, IP audits to align your portfolio with business goals, copyright registrations, and strategy sessions surrounding Open Source AI and your IP.

Whether supplementing your core IP or developing a comprehensive protection strategy, DLS provides customized guidance to maximize the value of your intellectual property. Trust our integrated legal services for prudent, maintenance of trade secret exclusivity, optimizing your existing assets, and strengthening your online brand presence.

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