Design Patents

What is a Design Patent?

A design patent protects the unique ornamental appearance of a product – its shape, surface design, configuration and style. It covers the way your product looks, not how it functions. Design patents last 14 years.

Who Would Want A Design Patent?

Companies, startups, designers, and inventors who want to protect the unique ornamental look and feel of their product should consider a design patent, which provides 14 years of exclusive rights over the aesthetics, shape, styling, and overall visual appeal of a product. If your product relies on distinctive ornamentation that took time and money to develop, a design patent establishes your ownership over that appearance and prevents others from exploiting it.

Benefits of A Design Patent

  • Secures your rights to your product’s distinctive look
  • Deters knockoffs and copies from infringing your design
  • Covers the visual ornamental aspects, not functional features
  • Granted if design is new, original and ornamental

Common Issues with Filing a Design Patent

Descriptions and drawings must clearly show the ornamental design details. Small differences from prior designs must be explained since novelty is key. Applicants sometimes publicly show their design before filing, which can invalidate the patent. The process also takes focus and patience. The ornamentality requirement and prior art can derail applications. Working with DLS can reduces mistakes, provides proper documentation, handles prior art issues, and satisfies the ornamentality criteria.

Learn About the Process

Submit your inventor disclosure form

Drafting and filing

Office Action

Patent is Issued

How DLS Can Help?

Your product’s visual appeal and style can be a key competitive advantage. Don’t let a copycat steal your hard work. The design patent attorneys at DLS can help you protect the ornamental elements that make your product stand out.

Preparing and filing utility, provisional, and design patent applications with the USPTO

Providing opinions on patentability, validity, infringement, and freedom to operate for your inventions

Enforcing your patent rights by pursuing infringement cases in U.S. district courts and on appeal

Responding to any USPTO proceedings challenging your patents after issuance

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My experience working with Delta Legal Services℠ has been great. They are professional and responsive. They deliver high quality results. They transformed the Invention Disclosure document that I wrote into a patent document that is very professional and high quality. When we reviewed the patent document together, I found they really understood the essense of the invention. They also took our feedback in full in refining the patent document. The entire process – working with Delta Legal Services℠ – was very smooth.

– B.C.

Jubin Dana is a true professional. His knowledge of technology as well as the patent process is exceptional. He is able to translate technical innovations into patents that get approved. Best of all he is responsive and has a commitment to meeting the needs of the innovator. Delta Legal Services℠ provides services that are comparable to the most expensive big firms at a much better rate.

– C.S.

Unexpectedly finding ourselves in need of a patent attorney could have been very overwhelming, as we had little to no experience in this area. It was immediately evident that Jubin was very knowledgeable, and the complexity of our situation really allowed his expertise to shine. He was extremely thorough and detailed in explaining convoluted things to us in clear, laymen terms, so we could collectively formulate a winning strategy for our case.

– J.R.

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