Bringing a new invention to market requires extensive patent protection. At DLS, we assist with all aspects of the patent process – from filing initial applications to enforcing your rights against infringers.

Our attorneys help secure provisional, utility/non-provisional and design patents to protect your intellectual property through every stage. Once your patents are granted, we provide maintenance fee tracking and patent portfolio analysis to maximize their alignment with your business strategy and revenue streams.

With decades of combined experience, our lawyers handle patentability assessments, licensing agreements, dispute settlements, and patent enforcement actions. We also leverage international filing options to expand your protection globally. Trust DLS to secure air-tight patent exclusivity, so you can focus on advancing your groundbreaking ideas. Discover how our experts can optimize your intellectual property.

Obtaining Your Patent

Provisional Patents

If you have a promising new invention but need more time to develop it before pursuing a full patent, filing a provisional patent application can protect your rights in the meantime.  Provisional patents quickly establish priority date and “patent pending” status with the USPTO at a low cost. This reserves your limited rights while granting 12 months to perfect your invention.

The DLS patent law team has the expertise to handle your provisional patent filing properly and overcome issues like inadequate disclosure.

Utility Patents / Non-Provisional Patents

A utility patent provides the strongest protection to guard your intellectual property rights. Utility patents give you 20 years of exclusive rights to manufacture, use, and sell your invention. This lets you establish a competitive advantage and profit from your innovation before others can copy it.

DLS goes beyond typical legal services. Our “Revenue Patent” system focuses on securing your entire business model and future revenue stream, not just protecting your invention. With direct access to patent databases and a tailored approach, DLS’s experienced attorneys will secure the broadest utility patent coverage possible.

Design Patents

If your product relies on a unique, distinctive aesthetic and ornamental appearance, a design patent can protect those visual elements from copycats. Design patents cover the ornamental look and styling of a product, not its functional aspects. They provide 14 years of exclusive rights over the overall shape, surface design, and visual appeal.

The process of obtaining a design patent is nuanced. You need precise documentation and drawings. Prior art and ornamentality requirements must be satisfied. But DLS’s experienced patent attorneys can handle the entire application to maximize enforceability. We focus on clearly conveying and protecting those ornamental features that make your product stand out.

Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) / International Filings

If your invention has global market potential, securing international patent protection is crucial. But the costs of filing in multiple countries individually can be prohibitive.

This is where the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) system comes in. A PCT application preserves your priority date and buys you time to plan your entry into specific national phases in the most strategic and cost-effective way.

At DLS, our attorneys have over 30 years of experience leveraging PCT applications and guiding inventors through the complex international patent system. We can prepare your PCT filing to maximize enforceable protection worldwide.

Managing your Patent Asset

Patent Analysis And Opinions

Understanding the patent landscape around your invention or product is crucial before moving forward. But analyzing existing patents and assessing risks requires specialized expertise.

At DLS, our attorneys provide clear, comprehensive patent opinions informed by our experience as in-house counsel. We craft strategic guidance focused on mitigating financial and legal exposure for your business. Our combination of legal skill, business acumen, and clear communication provides opinions with exceptional value.

Patent Assertions

If you’ve received a threatening “patent troll” letter claiming infringement, DLS can help protect your business.

Our attorneys have extensive experience helping clients defend against bad faith patent assertions in litigation or pre-litigation actions. We leverage our technical and legal skills to rapidly analyze asserted patents and find strong invalidity or non-infringement arguments.

DLS develops winning case strategies tailored to your needs and budget. Our goal is defeating unjustified claims so you can operate freely.

Post Grant Proceedings

If a patent holder is aggressively asserting overly broad or invalid claims against you, fight back through a post-grant proceeding.

DLS attorneys have extensive expertise representing both petitioners and patent owners in proceedings like inter partes reviews (IPR). Our technical skills identify the most relevant prior art to challenge patents. Our prosecution experience crafts strong petitions. Whether acting as petitioner to invalidate, or as patent owner responding to a challenge, DLS leverages litigation experience to present compelling arguments to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board.

Patent Portfolio And Due Diligence Analysis

Ensuring your patent portfolio fully protects your current and future revenue streams is crucial. But analyzing each patent claim against your product line requires time and expertise.

At DLS, we take a unique approach. Our attorneys deeply understand your products, revenue models and technology roadmap. We then methodically assess your entire patent portfolio to identify any gaps or liabilities. DLS provides actionable insights you can use to strengthen alignment between your patents and business activities. 

Patent Enforcement

As a patent holder, you have exclusive rights to your invention. But when others infringe on your patent, significant revenue can be lost.

The attorneys at DLS are dedicated to enforcing patents and removing infringing products. We handle cease-and-desist letters, pursue favorable settlements through strong negotiations, and ensure infringing goods are taken off the market. DLS conducts investigations to build ironclad cases against copycats. Rely on our team to defend your intellectual property. 

Maintenance Fee Management

To keep your utility patent enforceable for its full 20-year term, you must pay maintenance fees. Missing a fee deadline by even 1 day results in lapsed patent rights.

At DLS, we provide maintenance fee payment reminders and guidance to inventors and companies so you don’t accidentally lose your hard-earned patent rights. We evaluate whether fees align with your business goals.

If you miss a maintenance fee deadline, we can assist with the complex reinstatement process to revive your lapsed patent (when applicable).


My experience working with Delta Legal Services℠ has been great. They are professional and responsive. They deliver high quality results. They transformed the Invention Disclosure document that I wrote into a patent document that is very professional and high quality. When we reviewed the patent document together, I found they really understood the essense of the invention. They also took our feedback in full in refining the patent document. The entire process – working with Delta Legal Services℠ – was very smooth.

– B.C.

Jubin Dana is a true professional. His knowledge of technology as well as the patent process is exceptional. He is able to translate technical innovations into patents that get approved. Best of all he is responsive and has a commitment to meeting the needs of the innovator. Delta Legal Services℠ provides services that are comparable to the most expensive big firms at a much better rate.

– C.S.

Unexpectedly finding ourselves in need of a patent attorney could have been very overwhelming, as we had little to no experience in this area. It was immediately evident that Jubin was very knowledgeable, and the complexity of our situation really allowed his expertise to shine. He was extremely thorough and detailed in explaining convoluted things to us in clear, laymen terms, so we could collectively formulate a winning strategy for our case.

– J.R.

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