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Here are just a few samples of issued patents that have been prepared by Dana Legal Services

Virtual Assistant Configured By Selection Of Wake-Up Phrase

System and Method For Isolating Faults in a Resilient System

System and Method for Detection and Correction of Incorrectly Pronounced Words 

Pronunciation Guided By Automatic Speech Recognition 

Method and Apparatus That Processes Programing Data By Multiple Technologies 

Natural Language Recommendation Feedback 

Estimation of Chip Floorplan Activity Distribution 

Dynamic Link Serialization in Network-On-Chip

Configurable Snoop Filters for Cache Coherent Systems

Tracking and Delivery Confirmation of Pharmaceutical Products

Method and Apparatus for Determining a Threat Using Distributed Trust Across a Network

System and Method of Determining a Location Based on Location of Detected Signals

System to Reduce Directory Information Storage 

Random Number Generator Using Incrementing Function 

Payment Card Manufacturing Technology

Auto-Sequencing Financial Payment Display Card 

Communication System With Partial Power Source 

Light Emitting Diode Multiphase Driver Circuit and Method

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