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Jubin Dana

Patent Attorney

Jubin Dana is the founder and principal attorney of Dana Legal Services. After obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Jubin went on to earn a Juris Doctor from Oklahoma City University School of Law. Jubin has always had a passion to help others and that passion translates through to his interactions with Dana Legal Services’ clients. His main focus at DLS is to ensure his client’s future business revenue is secure. As his philosophy holds: “Building an IP portfolio without connecting it to the business model is a missed opportunity to grow the company.”
His expertise in IP protection has been curated by a range of roles, from in-house counsel to managing partner in private practice.  His intellectual property knowledge was instrumental in the successful transition of VISA from a private company to a public company through IPO.  Jubin’s arsenal of experience enables him to take the learnings from his career and advise startups and small businesses on the important strategies that surround securing their patent portfolios and future revenue.
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Jubin is an avid outdoorsman getting out and into nature whenever he can. He enjoys camping in the Pacific Northwest with family and friends.

When he is not out on the trails, Jubin enjoys working on cars and getting his hands dirty fixing up his Land Cruiser.

Gene Branch

Patent Attorney

Gene Branch joins our team after nearly nine years as an Administrative Patent Judge on the USPTO Patent Trial and Appeal Board. He uses his unique experience as an APJ to provide insights with respect to appeals before the PTAB, and guide clients toward greater success on appeals. Gene draws on experience from in-house and private practice, in addition to his government service. 

Prior to law school, Gene applied his Electrical Engineering degree to his career in space launch, initially as an Air Force officer and later as an engineer at Lockheed Martin. This continued his fascination with technology, which began with the TRS-80 and Apple II computers in high school.  Gene’s passion for disruptive innovation fuels his creative counseling practice. He inspires clients to consider their future in exponentially advancing terms, given that we live in the most technologically disruptive period in history, certainly since telephones, electricity, and automobiles came online in the early 1900s.

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Gene loves scuba diving, and particularly loves capturing photos and videos of the underwater world. He enjoys adventure travel and loves cooking foods from his experiences. Gene eagerly awaits delivery of his first Tesla Cybertruck.

John Dahnad

Patent Agent

John is a U. S. Navy Vietnam Veteran who attended university on the GI Bill.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agricultural Economics.  Immediately after he graduated, John attended the American Graduate School of International Management in Glendale, Arizona, now a part of Arizona State University and called Thunderbird School of Global Management.  At Thunderbird John earned an MBA in International Business Management. 

Upon graduation, John was hired by Norwich Eaton Pharmaceuticals (later acquired by Procter & Gamble) as a pharma sales representative.  He spent 29 years in the Pharma industry working at several positions.  He retired early from Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals in 2008. 

            During his years in the Pharma industry John became interested in Patent Law.  He then attended Arizona Summit Law School, took supplemental science classes, applied for, and passed the Patent Bar Exam.  He is now a Patent Agent with Dana Legal Services.

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John’s interests include reading historical novels, travel, keeping abreast of national and international news, martial arts, deepening his understanding of the Baha’i Faith, serving the Baha’i Faith, and serving humanity.  John likes to take long walks, keep physically fit and practice Tai Chi.

Mariana Honeyford

Director of Operations

Mariana has extensive experience in IP prosecution and law office management. She is a Certified Professional Paralegal, through NALS. Her management style is proactive, inventive, and driven by excellence. She excels in initiating ideas for improvement and generating creative solutions, including foreseeing future issues and implementing solutions preemptively. She loves  working on a dynamic team and sharing in the abundance that results from aggressive goals and high standards. Mariana provides consulting services through the company she co-founded: Ketapang Group International.

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Mariana loves the sport of CrossFit, which prepares her for the “unknown and unknowable”.  She creates and tinkers with her hands. She’s an information sponge, and derives immense joy from researching everything she can about her favorite topics like weightlifting, nutrition, microbiology, regenerative agriculture, and the stock market. She’s a scuba diver with well over 100 dives. Her rescue dogs (Ed and Stanley) delight her all day long, which is one of her favorite benefits of working from home.

Nicole Trecartin

Director of Marketing

Nicole has always excelled in roles that relied on her ability to adapt to fast-changing environments. Spending most of her career in startups and small businesses Nicole jumped at the opportunity to set up the building blocks of Dana Legal Services’ marketing and sales sphere.  She helped build the brands identity while identifying target clients, allowing DLS to align with the right customers all across the US. 
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When she is not diving deep into the world of IP – she’s outside. Nicole is a high-energy individual who enjoys outdoor adventures and staying active at the gym. She loves to cook and gleans inspiration from her international travels- cooking up everything from pasta carbonara to green curry. 

Noel Honeyford

Director of Finance

Noel is the “fact finding power house” of the DLS team, providing strategic business solutions based on thorough analysis and research. He conducts legal research for unique cases based on various sources, such as the MPEP, C.F.R., and case law.  Noel thrives on building efficient “assembly line” systems that reduce human error and redundancy. He constantly challenges the status quo, looking for ways to use any resource (including setbacks) as an opportunity. He’s driven to serve the client’s best interest, always inquiring what is most fair and productive for the client. 

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Noel is an avid scuba diver who loves exploring the ocean and its creatures. When he is not 20 meters under the sea, Noel can be found diving deep into a history youtube wormhole or studying up on the next big stand-up comedian. 

Terri Adams

Intake Specialist

Terri is the Intake Specialist at Dana Legal Services; acting as the initial point of contact for the firm. She guides our clients through their onboarding process by scheduling initial consultations, answering complex questions about our firms procedures, and provides general insight on the USPTO process. Terri is able to establish the first relationship with clients making them feel confident in our services and ready for us to take on their IP needs. 
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Terri holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Criminal Justice from Florida State University. She currently resides in Houston, Texas where she enjoys socializing with friends and planning vacations. 

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