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Dana Legal Services approaches each client with a customized analysis of their innovation and business model. Understanding the nuances of your business allows for us to draft powerful patent applications with your entire business in mind.  Contact us today to schedule your free complimentary strategy call. 

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Aligning your intellectual property strategy with your revenue stream is critical. If you build your patent portfolio without connecting it to your business model, you’re missing out on opportunities to grow your company. Dana Legal Services dives deep into your company business model to strategize how best to protect not only your intellectual property, but also your business revenue.

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Extraordinary work ethic is hardwired into the foundation of our company”

Our values aim high, own it, and be true, combine to provide clients with exceptional patent work.

Our team is equipped with years of experience in the high-tech and mechanical world”

The time we spend developing your patent isn’t learning the fundamentals of your technology, but providing high value as patent attorneys.

“We break down complex ideas into clear digestible information”

Giving our clients the most complete understanding of the patent process.

“Building an IP portfolio and connecting it to the business model is a great opportunity to grow your business.” – Jubin

about jubin

Jubin Dana is the founder and principal attorney of Dana Legal Services. After obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Jubin went on to earn a Juris Doctor from Oklahoma City University School of Law. Jubin has always had a passion to help others and that passion translates through to his interactions with Dana Legal Services’ clients. His main focus at DLS is to ensure his client’s future business revenue is secure. 

His expertise in intellectual property protection and patent prosecution have been curated by a range of roles, from in-house counsel to managing partner in private practice.  His intellectual property knowledge was instrumental in the successful transition of VISA from a private company to a public company through IPO.  Jubin’s arsenal of experience enables him to take the learnings from his career and advise startups and small businesses on the important strategies that surround securing their patent portfolios and future revenue.

our team

​​Dana Legal Services is your navigation system through the world of intellectual property, we help guide our clients on their journey of identification, protection, and enforcement. Our philosophy is focused on learning the ins and outs of our client’s business models to ensure every aspect of their intellectual property is protected.

“We ask the right questions, with the right individuals at the center of our focus, our clients!”

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Utility Patents
Software Patents
Design Patents
Medical Device Patents
Provisional Patents
Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)
Post Grant Proceedings
Trademark Registrations

what our clients say

My experience working with Dana Legal Services℠ has been great. They are professional and responsive. They deliver high quality results. They transformed the Invention Disclosure document that I wrote into a patent document that is very professional and high quality. When we reviewed the patent document together, I found they really understood the essense of the invention. They also took our feedback in full in refining the patent document. The entire process – working with Dana Legal Services℠ – was very smooth.

– B.C.

Jubin Dana is a true professional. His knowledge of technology as well as the patent process is exceptional. He is able to translate technical innovations into patents that get approved. Best of all he is responsive and has a commitment to meeting the needs of the innovator. Dana Legal Services℠ provides services that are comparable to the most expensive big firms at a much better rate.

– C.S.

Unexpectedly finding ourselves in need of a patent attorney could have been very overwhelming, as we had little to no experience in this area. It was immediately evident that Jubin was very knowledgeable, and the complexity of our situation really allowed his expertise to shine. He was extremely thorough and detailed in explaining convoluted things to us in clear, laymen terms, so we could collectively formulate a winning strategy for our case.

– J.R.

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