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There is a lack of representation of women and minorities within the patent world. About 20% of patent attorneys are women, of which, only 1.7% are racially diverse. Beyond that, minorities as a whole are unrepresented, accounting for only 6.5% of patent attorneys. Click here to learn more.

Our Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Incubator Program aims to create access for those underrepresented in the patent world. Creating a clear path for upward mobility, along with access to leaders within the field. The D&I Incubator program is a year-long paid commitment opened to all underrepresented individuals in the patent field. Candidates can be newly certified patent attorneys or in the process of passing the patent bar. Leaders within Dana Legal Services will support and guide the participants through the beginning of their careers. They will be trained at drafting highly efficient revenue patents, the patent prosecution process, and firm management. At the completion of the program, alumni may be invited to join Dana Legal Services or continue into their own practice.

Our goal with this program is to enhance diversity and inclusion within Dana Legal Services and the patent world. This program allows underrepresented individuals to have access to top leaders in the patent field. 

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