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Dana Legal Services is your navigation system through the world of intellectual property, we help guide our clients on their journey of identification, protection, and enforcement. Our philosophy is focused on learning the ins and outs of our client’s business models to ensure every aspect of their intellectual property is protected. We ask the right questions, with the right individuals at the center of our focus, our clients!

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We ask the questions others fail to ask, being fully invested in not only your patent, but also your entire business model.

An extraordinary work ethic is hardwired into the foundation of our company. Our values aim high, own it, and be true, combine to provide clients with exceptional patent work.
Our team is equipped with years of experience in the high-tech and mechanical world. The time we spend developing your patent isn’t learning the fundamentals of your technology, but providing high value as patent attorneys.
We break down complex ideas into clear digestible information, giving our clients the most complete understanding of the patent process.
We bring the experience of a large law firm without all the red tape. This means our clients get all the expertise without the hassle.

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Which intellectual property option works best for your business? What IP assets have you not yet utilized? Which options will most benefit your company? Tell us about your plans, brand, and business model so that we can explore what IP assets can be protected and monetized.

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Dana Legal Services provides you the expertise of a large firm, with the personability of a small firm that knows your name. As a boutique IP law firm specializing in patent prosecution, we provide unique expertise to guide you through the complex world of intellectual property law.

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You have questions & we have answers, so reach out and get some of your concerns addressed.
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